Coral, the flexible clean-off system, provides the highest standards in performance and quality, right down to the smallest details. Naturally, these standards can also be found in Coral Duo: constructed from five technically unique, high-quality components that, together, work perfectly to scrape off and retain dirt.

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Wine Red



All colours are available with a black Everfort® vinyl backing, except mats in the colours 9114 Granite, 9124 Sisal, 9126 Terracotta which have brown Everfort vinyl backing.

Coral Duo includes:

  • Coral Brush Strips

  • Coral Classic Strips

  • Micro-Fibre Strips

  • The primary backing

  • The waterproof backing

5-year guarantee

Coral Duo is guaranteed for five years for durability and performance provided that its installation and maintenance are carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The waterproof backing. Each component has its own specific action and effect.
1. Coral Brush Strips:

Coral Duo's outstanding ability to brush off dirt is due to Coral Brush's strong thick 80 dtex polyamide BCF yarns. Their exclusive texture, unique to Coral Brush, makes the yarns extremely resilient and able to recover their shape. This gives them such long life. And, to maximise the dirt-removing effect, Coral Brush also contains an even thicker 420 dtex yarn.

2. Coral Classic Strips

Coral Duo is highly absorbent due to Coral Classic's 20 dtex polyamide BCF yarns. Here, too, the yarns distinctive texture, exclusive to Coral Classic, makes them exceptionally resilient and able to recover their original shape. No wonder Coral Classic has been such a widely used clean-off product and known for its superb quality - for over 30 years.

3. Micro-Fibre Strips

Micro-Fibre strips are constructed from millions of micro-fibres that are perfect at absorbing and retaining the dust and fine dirt that is brushed off. When it's time to clean, the micro-fibres easily release their dirt again ensuring an easy and thorough clean. The Micro-Fibres are strongly bonded to the backing by a unique electrostatic flocking process. Bonar Floors is the leading floorcovering manufacturer in the world that utilises this high-tech flocking technology.

4. The primary backing

The yarns are tufted into heavy, non-woven polyester tuft matting especially selected for its strength and ability to retain its shape. These features help to ensure the very long life of Coral Duo.

5. The waterproof backing

Coral Duo also features a waterproof backing made from our proven Everfort® vinyl. This material is extremely strong, flexible, completely waterproof, suitable for intensive wet cleaning, easy to install, and it extends the life of the entire product. Everfort® vinyl is so adaptable that it means Coral Duo can be either glued down or loose-laid.

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